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Teaching 1-on-1

Do you want to do more with your computer programs?

Learn without frustration to confidently control your machine.

Group Training

Do you have a group of individuals all needing to learn a new topic?

Get your team up to speed on proven software titles.

Common Topics

I frequently teach on general computing topics in both homes and offices.

Personal Computing

  • Using Microsoft Windows
  • Using Apple Mac OS X
  • Managing Your Pictures
  • Syncing Your Mobile Data
  • Simplify Your Email
  • Increasing Your Privacy
  • Web Browser Basics

Business Tools

  • WordPress for Business
  • Google Docs for Collaboration
  • Leveraging DropBox
  • Leveraging Google Drive
  • Automating Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Access Fundamentals
  • Collaborative Brainstorming

Advanced Topics

When dealing with complex systems, sometimes you just need a nudge in the right direction.


Developer Essentials


I am ready to teach you how to use proven software titles to accomplish exceptional results.