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When you are ready to start managing your business with a database and automate your sales online, I will summarize your needs and break them down into manageable portions to provide concise estimates that will give you a clear expectation of costs vs. rewards.

You can have it all: coupon codes, digital downloads, newsletters, secure logins, watermarks, printer friendly pages and more.

An initial meeting to establish an estimate is always free!

    • Online Sales
    • Website set-up
    • Product templates
    • Shipping, checkout and carts
    • $1500 - $6500
    • Get Started
    • Customer Management
    • Client self-management portals
    • Custom calculators and reports
    • Batch operations
    • $3200 - $20000
    • Get Started

For E-Commerce planned projects, I request a 50% deposit, with the final payment due upon project launch.